User Data Deletion

Hey everyone!

This post is to inform those users who have inquired about how to go about having data you have submitted to our website deleted.   This is with respect to GDRP guidelines.

Firstly, the chat forums and chat rooms we have here are in full compliance with all GDRP guidelines.

When you log into the chat rooms and register, you provide us with your email address.   You can have your account completed deleted by going to ‘My Profile’ and clicking ‘Delete Account’

Please see the screenshot below:

delete account

This will remove your account completely and the email and IP address associated with it.

If there are forum accounts you wish to have delete, please private message the moderator or administrator in the forums.

We hope that helps.

Update to Teen Chat is Coming

Hey Teens!

We hope you enjoyed your summer.  Some of you have already headed back to school while others are still awaiting decisions by your local governments for school recommencement.

Either way we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of safe social distancing.  The virus is still hot and heavy and it is always best to protect yourselves and others by wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently.

With that aside, we wanted to announce that in the very near future there will be an update to our teen chat software.  There will be some additional cool features added.  One of them will be a very important reporting function.  Users will be able to report directly to a moderator any user who is violating our terms of service by clicking a button.  This includes private messages and profile violations.

This new update will hopefully be launching in the next month or so.  Please stay tuned for further updates.

Stay safe everyone. Team



Teen Chat and Covid-19

Hey Teens!

Hope everyone is doing well.  It has definitely been a rough couple months.  By now I trust all of you have been practicing social distancing and enjoying your stay at here at teen chat.    There isn’t a better place to kill time and loneliness than here at our website.

This is just a friendly reminder that we should maintain this cautious approach until this deadly virus has run its course.   If you do go outside, it is advised to wear an approved mask and be sure to always wash your hands thoroughly upon your return.

We do hope that everything will return to some normalcy soon but the reality is it will take some time.

Stay indoors and stay safe everyone.

Your friends,

Protecting yourself online

Hey Teens!

We are posting this important message as a friendly safety reminder to all the people who use our teen chat rooms whether out of boredom or to connect with new friends or random strangers.

It is very important to remember that one of the biggest causes of leaving yourself vulnerable to such things as cyber attacks, identify theft, cyber theft, cyber stalking, or other internet crimes is from the sharing of personal information with others.     Victims of such events all had one thing in common.  That is, they shared personal information.   We have received numerous emails from people over the years and if they had practiced the safety protocols we set forth with our chat rules, they would not have been victims.

What should i do?

Under no circumstances should you share personal information with others online.   This includes your real name, telephone number or address and real profile photos of yourself.  You do not know who is on the other end.  Is the person you are chatting with, really who he or she says they are?   Unless, you have actually met this person before coming here to chat with them, we would always be wary that the person may not be who they say they are.     Even if they have a profile picture or send you photos of themselves, that does not mean they are who they say they are.  Cyber criminals often create fake identities to gain your trust.

How about my social media accounts?

Even if you give your Snapchat or Facebook account information, that is another way these criminals can gain access to your personal information by looking at your photo and event history.   So, never give out your social media information to a stranger.  If you are private chatting with an individual and he/she gets too personal with their questions or asks you for your social media accounts, kindly refuse their request.


The bottom line here is, is it really worth it to go through the trouble of being blackmailed, cyber stalked or any number of horrible internet crimes that we will even get into?   We didn’t thing so.  Keep personal information private, please.   There is on reason you cannot have fun in our chat rooms without the need to share personal information.

Reminder of the age requirements

Hello everyone

We want to take the time now to remind users that the age range for this teen chat room is 13-19 years old.   If you are younger than 13, than you must have parental permission to chat here.   If you are older than 19 by a few months, we can make some exceptions, however, we ask that older aged individuals refrain from logging in.  Older users will be treated as criminals.

Where can i go then?

There are many adult chat websites available to go to.    We recommend Adult Chat Net as it has similar software and is strictly for adults.

Thanks for your cooperation.  We would like to make this chat room for teens as safe as possible and keeping age restrictions is where we have decided to start from.   Please respect this decision and stay out of our chat rooms if you are older.

What is I am under 13?

If you are under the age of 13, you will require permission from a parent or guardian.   If we request this from you, then you must present this .  It can be in the form of email from your parent or guardian sent to our staff.   Otherwise, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to participate in our teen chat rooms

Thank you from the team and happy chatting.

Download our Google Android APP for Teen Chat today!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Android APP for Teen Chat.  This APP will allow you to connect directly to our chat rooms straight from an application on your mobile phone or tablet.  This APP has been in the works for many months and was in very high demand.   We are happy to finally be able to deliver it to you.

You can find it on the Google Play store and it is currently compatible with many mobile and tablet devices.   The APP is currently available for Android users only.  In the future we will have an Apple iOS APP.

Don’t waste another second and install our Free Teen Chat APP

We hope you enjoy it and thanks for making us the best free teen chat site in the world.    Kindly leave a review with your experience.  (If you cannot give 5 stars, we would like to first hear from you why, so we can improve)

Thanks from the team.

Teen Chat software updated to 3.0

Hey all!

The update is finally  here! (yes, we know it came a little later than expected)

There are some new features included in this update.   One of the more exciting ones include the ability to change your background profile pictures to show off to others.  This is only available to registered users.    There are also many under the hood changes that will make things seem a little faster.

We really hope you like this update.  Please leave your comments below.


Software update coming soon…

Hey Teens

Hope your summer is going well.

Just wanted to update you on an upcoming software release that will happen within the next week or two.  This will be a very significant upgrade for our chat rooms and we are calling it version 3.0

As usual, we always try to give the best user experience possible.

Stay tuned for this release.  It is coming soon.  We know you will love it!

Lesbian Teen Chat

Hey teens!

We have had the gay teen chat for years, but received many inquiries asking why there isn’t one for lesbians.

Well good news is here!

This is to announce that we have added a new teen chat room for lesbians.   Please check it out here:  Lesbian Teen Chat

When you connect to the room, click the HOME icon at the bottom right corner and then click the room title “Lesbian Teen Chat”.  You will connect instantly.

As usual, all chat room rules apply to each and every single room.   Please respect the sexual orientation of all users.   Sexual discrimination will not be tolerated and this will result in either a kick or a ban from our chat rooms.