Official Teen Chat Rules Rules

Information about you

Please note, your access rights to Teen Chat are a privilege not a right.
By entering Teen Chat you agree to abide by all rules as stated here, on the main page of the chat and as directed by any staff, including admins or moderators.

You are between 13 and 19 years of age. At your birthday when you turn 20, you are no longer eligible to enter this chat. If you are under 13, you must seek the consent of your parent or guardian and inform the chat admin (Tyler). No mods can act on an underage user without approval from the admin.

You are responsible for all actions on your account, including actions made by others.
Failure to report a user that is breaking major rules will result in your account being punished also. Report to moderators in private messages only.

You will not always get a warning. Follow the rules, and you have nothing to worry about. If you are muted or kicked, do not come back and argue about the punishment.

The Rules

(TC01) You will not partake in bullying of any kind. This includes threats, doxxing of private information, distribution of any images you may have been sent privately. We take bullying and threats seriously and all parties involved in such will be dealt with swiftly.

(TC02) Do not share social media information, usernames, handles or links on main chat, private user rooms, wall posts or in your bio or mood. This includes not “asking for socials” in all places just mentioned. You may talk about something that happened on socials, example “did you see what joe said in the gc?”. Social media is defined as any service that you can interact with other humans on. These include but are not limited to: Snap, Instagram, Facebook, Minecraft, roblox, telegram, whatsapp, discord and any other service that fits the description.

TC03) Do NOT joke about being “over age” – this is not funny and will result in you being treated as over age, and most likely banned.

(TC04) Do NOT post / talk about extreme sexual topics. We understand you’re teens, we are lenient to a degree, but please do not talk about extreme sexual topics in any public part of the chat. This includes sexual fetishes etc. and some examples of banned behavior are, but not limited to: age play, sub/dom, incest, necrophilia, pedophilia and more.

(TC05) Do NOT catfish. Ifyou claim to be any famous person (celebrity or social influencer) you will need to verify this with the admin by messaging the admin from your verified main social media account. This way we can ensure any “famous” faces on are real. If you have someone’s picture and it’s a fan situation, in your bio you must have the words “pfp is not me, it is (celeb name), I’m using it as I am a fan”. If you do not you will be removed from the chat. If you are using a random image of a person from google, please say so.
If the person you are claiming to be is proven not to be you, you will be banned. Catfishing is not tolerated in any form here

(TC06) Speak English and English only in all parts of the chat. This includes main chat, wall posts, comments, custom rooms and bio/moods.
This includes usernames.
In private messages you may NOT speak any other language than English. If your PMs are reported you will be kicked.

(TC07) Do not ask for or offer money for any purpose including but not limited to, nudes, sugar daddy/mommy/baby, or any other reason.

(TC08) Do not share accounts, passwords or offer to log on and buy someone VIP. If you want to gift VIP, ask the admin for the link to do it the proper way. Any persons caught sharing accounts will be dealt with, this is for all parties sharing accounts.

(TC09) Do NOT make false accusations / allegations that can not be verified by proof. The person making false accusations / allegations will be punished.

(TC10) Do NOT “fake” or “create” screenshots. All information on the chat server can be verified by logs. If you submit fake screenshots to get someone punished or banned, you will be banned.

(TC11) Do NOT false report posts, PMs or profiles using the new report system. Repeated behavior like this will result in your account being kicked or banned

(TC12) Do NOT participate in “age play” or “Littles” – this is not appropriate behavior and will result in your account being instantly banned. This includes “age regression”.

(TC13) Do not post profile pictures (banner images) in ridiculously skimpy clothing (this includes male torsos with no shirt) – this is not a sex / hook up chat, so only clothed profile pictures will be allowed. No headless abs pics, no shirtless guy pics, no girls in “bras” or thongs. If your profile pic is removed, do not put it back up.

Further more, profile pictures may not contain clearly over age persons (Or clearly under age persons) – only exception to this is celebrity persons (where by you’re a fan of theirs and not claiming to be them)

(TC14) Banned Words. You may NOT use these words or any derivative of, in the chat or bios/moods. This includes VIPs / mods.
* All variations of  racial slurs.
* All variations of homophobic slurs.

(TC15) Regarding pictures of children (babies) that are clearly under the age of 13, will not be posted on this chat or website in any location this includes profile pics, banner pics, wall posts and on chat. This includes pictures of your siblings, relatives or friends. Do not post any picture of a child (yours or not) to any chat related area.

(TC16) Do NOT mini-mod while mods (or admin) are present. If there are no mods online you may inform other users of rules they are breaking but do not push it. If a mod is present and you mini mod you may be removed for it if you don’t stop when asked to.

(TC17) Do NOT discuss or talk about suicide or related topics (including self harm of any kind). This is not tolerated. You also must NOT tell any user to kill themself (kys) or any derivatives thereof.

This includes posting images of self harm to any part of the chat. Any public discussion of cutting / self harm or wanting to die will result in you being removed from the chat. If you are experiencing mental health issues, we advise you seek the help of a trained and qualified mental healthcare worker. Everyone matters. Do not take advice from unqualified people in chat.

Mental health is a serious issue and you do not know what might be triggering to users in the chat so exercise caution on the topic.

You must also not provide counseling to users about this topic, you are not qualified. You should be there for your friends and others.

Should you need help, we advise you seek the help of trained mental health professionals.

(TC18) External Links. You are NOT allowed to post any external links. The only exception to this are the following links; YouTube, (and any image sharing link for purpose of reporting), Spotify and soundcloud. With YouTube and soundcloud you may not post your own channel or page to promote it.

(TC19) Shameless Self Promotion is NOT allowed, this includes begging for followers on any and all social services, asking people to like or subscribe to your YouTube channel, or follow your soundcloud. This is for all services like that and it will not be tolerated here.

(TC20) You are allowed to operate one account only. Alternate accounts and other accounts are not allowed. This is even more serious if you have different accounts of different ages and genders. Staff are allowed to have a non-staff account for them to chat on if they are not required to be moderating the chat.

(TC21) No game links, codes or requests to play a game are to be posted anywhere on main, your bio, your wall or any other public place. This includes Among Us, Roblox, Minecraft or any game. This also includes not sharing gamer tags for online platforms.

Rules last updated December 7, 2020

User Data Deletion

Hey everyone!

This post is to inform those users who have inquired about how to go about having data you have submitted to our website deleted.   This is with respect to GDRP guidelines.

Firstly, the chat forums and chat rooms we have here are in full compliance with all GDRP guidelines.

When you log into the chat rooms and register, you provide us with your email address.   You can have your account completed deleted by going to ‘My Profile’ and clicking ‘Delete Account’

Please see the screenshot below:

delete account

This will remove your account completely and the email and IP address associated with it.

If there are forum accounts you wish to have delete, please private message the moderator or administrator in the forums.

We hope that helps.

Update to Teen Chat is Coming

Hey Teens!

We hope you enjoyed your summer.  Some of you have already headed back to school while others are still awaiting decisions by your local governments for school recommencement.

Either way we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of safe social distancing.  The virus is still hot and heavy and it is always best to protect yourselves and others by wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently.

With that aside, we wanted to announce that in the very near future there will be an update to our teen chat software.  There will be some additional cool features added.  One of them will be a very important reporting function.  Users will be able to report directly to a moderator any user who is violating our terms of service by clicking a button.  This includes private messages and profile violations.

This new update will hopefully be launching in the next month or so.  Please stay tuned for further updates.

Stay safe everyone. Team



Teen Chat and Covid-19

Hey Teens!

Hope everyone is doing well.  It has definitely been a rough couple months.  By now I trust all of you have been practicing social distancing and enjoying your stay at here at teen chat.    There isn’t a better place to kill time and loneliness than here at our website.

This is just a friendly reminder that we should maintain this cautious approach until this deadly virus has run its course.   If you do go outside, it is advised to wear an approved mask and be sure to always wash your hands thoroughly upon your return.

We do hope that everything will return to some normalcy soon but the reality is it will take some time.

Stay indoors and stay safe everyone.

Your friends,

Reminder of the age requirements

Hello everyone

We want to take the time now to remind users that the age range for this teen chat room is 13-19 years old.   If you are younger than 13, than you must have parental permission to chat here.   If you are older than 19 by a few months, we can make some exceptions, however, we ask that older aged individuals refrain from logging in.  Older users will be treated as criminals.

Where can i go then?

There are many other websites available to go to.    We recommend you find the one appropriate for your age group.

Thanks for your cooperation.  We would like to make this chat room for teens as safe as possible and keeping age restrictions is where we have decided to start from.   Please respect this decision and stay out of our chat rooms if you are older.

What is I am under 13?

If you are under the age of 13, you will require permission from a parent or guardian.   If we request this from you, then you must present this .  It can be in the form of email from your parent or guardian sent to our staff.   Otherwise, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to participate in our teen chat rooms

Thank you from the team and happy chatting.

Download our Google Android APP for Teen Chat today!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Android APP for Teen Chat.  This APP will allow you to connect directly to our chat rooms straight from an application on your mobile phone or tablet.  This APP has been in the works for many months and was in very high demand.   We are happy to finally be able to deliver it to you.

You can find it on the Google Play store and it is currently compatible with many mobile and tablet devices.   The APP is currently available for Android users only.  In the future we will have an Apple iOS APP.

Don’t waste another second and install our Free Teen Chat APP

We hope you enjoy it and thanks for making us the best free teen chat site in the world.    Kindly leave a review with your experience.  (If you cannot give 5 stars, we would like to first hear from you why, so we can improve)

Thanks from the team.

Software update coming soon…

Hey Teens

Hope your summer is going well.

Just wanted to update you on an upcoming software release that will happen within the next week or two.  This will be a very significant upgrade for our chat rooms and we are calling it version 3.0

As usual, we always try to give the best user experience possible.

Stay tuned for this release.  It is coming soon.  We know you will love it!

The new forums are live again!

Hello everyone

Hope your summer is going well.   I wanted to take the time now to announce that our chat forums are back online after suffering some technical difficulties.   We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please take the time now to register and account and participate in a wide range of discussions for teenagers.

What categories do the teen chat forums have?

Website announcements can be found there.  In addition, we have topics including teen advice, dating and relationships, beauty and fashion as well as a members picture section.

If there are any topics/categories you would like to see, please do let us know.

Also, please share you feedback on how we can improve the teen chat forums to make it more active than it is now.

Until next time.


New Chat Software coming soon…

Hello teens!

We wanted to announce to you that we will be changing our chat software in the very near future.  We cannot release any details as of yet but we can say it will be worth the wait.

A lot of you have been complaining that there is no block feature and user’s are able to spam at their heart’s content.

Well this will not happen once me make the switchover.  You will be able to block users from posting in the chat rooms.

We will also be hiring more moderators to control the amount of spam or dangerous users who  log onto our site.

Will keep  you posted here for more updates.


Hello everyone!

A common question we receive is “can i be a moderator?”.

The simple answer is yes you can.  But the more complex answer is, you need to qualify.

To be a moderator in our chat rooms, you will have to have a good head on your shoulders.    You will also need to recognize what is right and wrong.  Banning or kicking someone for fun or because  you have a beef with them is definitely not a trait we are looking for.

We are constantly looking for good moderators who spend a good amount of time in our chat rooms.   If you feel you qualify please send the administrator in  our chat forums a message and your application will be considered.

You will need to create an account there first though.