Teen Marriage

With Valentine’s Day just on the horizon, we thought it would be a good time to discuss about marriage.

You’re still a teen, have you thought about it?

If you are currently in a serious relationship are considering getting married with your significant other, it is important you consider many factors.

The reality is, today, many people are getting married much later in life.  Before, it was not uncommon to see two teenagers “tie the knot” but  now it is actually very rare.  Many people have the cost factor to keep in mind.  You may also still be in school and want to concentrate on that.  After school, you will be early on in your career so that can cause marriage to take a back seat also.

Therefore, there are many factors to consider besides love.    Having said that, if you feel very strongly spending the rest of your life with your love, then all the power to you.  Go for it!   But, please consider everything before proceeding.

There is nothing wrong with spending some more time with your partner before getting hitched.

Sometimes teenagers will be blinded by love.    We should all have some experience in life before we commit to spending the rest of our lives with someone.

Take your time to decide.