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Hey everyone!

Hope you all have been doing well.  The end of school isn’t far away.  With time, comes changes.  If you have not noticed already, we currently have appointed 2 new admins for Teen Chat.

Both of our new Admins come with a substantial amount of experience as moderators and administrators of various other chat sites.

We would like you to welcome Arkham and Annie.  I am sure they will do an outstanding job and are certainly welcome additions to the team.   Arkham is temporarily helping with the transition between Admins and will be with the team indefinitely until further notice.

We cannot finish this post without giving thanks to Kevin, the previous Admin.  He was a good admin but he decided to step down.  Sometimes change is good.  We wish him well.

Look forward to continually grow our community and bring new and exciting changes very soon.  Stay tuned!

– Team

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