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Hey everyone!

There have been some changes in the staff recently, many of you have probably already noticed this but we want to explain the changes and the purposes of them.

Teen chat now have 2 admins, Kevin who was hired back in January and reeebsss who was recently hired, in the beginning of March.

You might wonder why there are 2 admins now. There are quite a few reasons. The most important one being the strive for an improved user experience. With a combined knowledge in administration, and experience on other sites, the admins will now work in favor of finding new ways to improve the user experience by more extensive analyzing in regards of the chatting experience. One example of that is now the efforts made in adding more languages to the site. We have a wide variety of multilingual mods and with the addition of reeebsss we now have another admin with great knowledge in languages aside from English. This is one of many ideas that are to come and be enforced by the new administration.

Another benefit with two admins will be the increased security. They will catch the perverts faster and more effectively as well as making sure the moderators are the best ones possible. We want to keep the same security, and even raise it. All for your own safety and experience on this site. Other bonuses that comes with the wide variety of admins and moderators is the fact that we will be able to moderate the site 24/7, something some of our competitors are lacking. This makes Teen Chat org your best option if you are looking for a safe and clean chat.

There will also be more VIP giveaways, because we, the team, believe you deserve the best chatting experience possible. VIP offers many features that you will definitely appreciate. While not everyone might be able to win, we would still like to advise you to purchase VIP if you can afford it. The benefits of VIP are well worth the low asking price. In fact, we offer the best VIP deals out of all big teen chat sites. You therefore get more for what you pay here than on other sites. And the amount of VIP users keep increasing day by day. So what are you waiting for? Take your chance to join a nonstop growing community of VIP users today!

We hope you all will continue to enjoy chatting with us, and if you need help with anything on the site, our team is ready to assist you.

Thanks, team

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5 thoughts on “New Teen Chat Admins”

  1. I’ll be able to work with supervision, reliable, discreet and able to resolve problems.
    I’ll not allow anyone to give out social media or send inappropriate content.
    Able to work as part of team and give awareness to everyone.
    I’ll work hard as I can .Tbh I’ll not break any rules .

  2. Hi!! I was wondering why there aren’t pms for yourself…like what if someones bored…and they just want to talk to someone…i myself talk to myself…a lot…and when none of my friends are on…i get lonely….and would like someone to talk to…just out of curiosity

  3. The video feature is not in my account, its all allowed the camera and microphone.. and i restart my phone many times and log out and uninstall, install log in it many times but still not working please help admins.

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