Terms of Use

Terms of Use for teen-chat.org

Teen-Chat.org provides website features and services when you visit our website, use our chat rooms, use our applications for mobile, or use software provided by our company in connection with any of the services. Do not use teen-chat.org if you do not agree to the Terms of Use described below. Your use of our website means you agree to these Terms of Use.

Our company provides the chat services subject to the following conditions:

    Age Requirements:

  • You must be at least 13 years old to use our website. You must not be older than 19 years of age. Any users found to be older than 19 years of age will be banned and/or reported to the authorities.
  • Internet Connections:

  • Our website can be used in any country in the world provided you are able to connect. Some countries such as Iran or Pakistan have been known to block this website for whatever reason. We do not allow the use of VPN's as they cause more trouble than not.
  • User Generated Content:

  • Some areas of the website allow user generated content (UGC). We strictly forbid any content that has any mature (adult) nature to it. You will risk receiving a permanent ban if you post content or material that can be classified as such including profile and background photos.
  • Personal Information:

  • You are solely responsible for protecting your own account passwords and other account information you have provided to us including forum registration.
  • Image Requirements:

  • All images uploaded for profile pictures or regular images (for VIP users) must not violate our strict non-nudity policy. The same applies to background covers used in your profile. We forbid all copyrighted material for use.
  • Hosting Private Chat Rooms:

  • Teen-chat.org allows users to create their own private chat rooms for public access. These rooms are subject to all chat rules and terms of use.

    Account Termination:

  • We reserve the right to terminate your account at our soul discretion for any reason we deem necessary. This includes, but not limited to, any violation of our chat rules or terms of use agreement.
  • Law Enforcement:

  • We reserve the right to use your IP address when working with law enforcement agencies. This includes crimes such as exploiting, hacking, grooming minors, and spamming.
  • VIP Memberships:

  • We do not allow refunds on VIPs purchased for yourself or for others. The only exceptions are if there are accidental duplicate payments made. Buyers remorse or no longer using our services does not entitle you to a refund. In certain circumstances we may verify the payment with you via Private Message or email.
  • Modifications of Terms:

  • We reserve the right to modify or replace these Terms at any given time without prior notice. Please check this page for the latest information.

Again, do not use teen-chat.org if you do not agree to the Terms of Use described above. Your use of our website means you agree to these Terms of Use.