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They need to fix it that if you block somebody they cannot see what you say in the chat also. Blocking people right now only fixes it so u cant see what THEY say... but they can still see what YOU say. Just because YOU block THEM doesnt mean they will block you also. I have asked several in the chats to block me once i blocked them but they refused. THIS really needs changed. Once i block someone i dont want them seeing anything im saying too.


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Do you have any idea on how to improve the chat room? New features, rules or other changes?

Feel free to share them here! We might not be able to implement all suggested features, but we will look into all of your suggestions.

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to win Lifetime VIP just by your great idea(s), and our appreciation.
Yooo wsg kev, i have a couple of ideas, idk if they would be possible but yea

1. Make it where you can post story's, kinda like snap chat, this would make getting to know people way better but it would also enable pedos so it would have to be heavily modded, you could try to implement a robot that automatically can tell if its a photo of a nude person. this would make it easier to keep from being used the wrong way. you could also use this system for pfp's that would automatically flag that pfp or story

2. Do more events, for intense we could do whats called idk maybe a virtual field day where everyone who wanted to participate could maybe turn in a google forum then you could separate them into 8 different teams and each team could go against each other on a bracket, it could be like a trivia championship i guess.

3. where the radio stations are, you guys could add another station called "DJ Booth" where someone assigned that role can play different music or even do a podcast, i think this would make it more fun to listen to it, so lets say someone wanted to be in the "DJ Booth" they could schedule it ahead of time in a google forum. this way there wouldn't be fighting over who gets to do it, or just make one assigned DJ for that day or whatever.


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Geeeezus h! Get rid of that stupid auto logoff thing in the teen chat! That thing is obnoxious logging yah off all the time.. whether ur active in the chat or not ur automatically logged out the chat! Out of all the chats i go to i never been auto logged off as much as i am on this one!!! 👎