Moderator Application

I would like to be a moderator on Teenschat if you are hiring any new recruits. Through my time on this site, I have hardly seen any mods on this website. Usually when I am on, there are no moderators currently there. This creates problems, as there is no one to monitor suspicious activities. I feel like we need more moderators or a change of mods on this website in order to make this site a better place for teens. We need a few people on hand dedicated to make this chat safe and to enforce chat rules. I am available 8 AM to 1PM or 2PM Mondays to Fridays. I am friendly, kind and obedient, ready to listen to instructions provided, in order to make Teenschat better for everyone. It is important that every user feels like they are safe and their needs are regarded. Thank you for your time to read this application message.
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