Moderator Application


New member
I would like to apply to moderate for the teen chat room. Through my time on the site I've seen little to no attempt at moderation on the site. The automated muting system, though helping somewhat, is very lax about the things that it lets through and only allows one minute muting. This does little to actually deter people. We also need at least one person on hand at any given time to enforce chat rules and keep younger users safe from the people who see a lax moderation practice and use it as a chance to prey on children. I'm available from the hours 3pm to 10pm nearly every day without fail, and can spend even more time on weekends in the chat. I've already been known to report abusive users to the proper authorities through the cyber tip line site, but know that with my current position there's little else that I can do. I only hope to have a greater way to try and protect users as best I am able. It's important to have users that are dedicated to the tasks of moderation and to keeping our user base safe and happy while onsite. I believe I'm the right person for these tasks, and look forward to hearing back. Thank you for your time in reading this application message.