Ask a random question game

Reindolf 👑

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Hey, everyone!

This is another fun get to know you game. Anyway, how it works is asking a random question and the next person answers that question, and then asks the next one.

For instance:
“ if you were a unicorn, what would your name be?”
“ what’s your favorite cartoon?”

NO personal or inappropriate questions!!! And have fun!

I’ll start

Winter or summer?
Winter ❄️ Lol


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Wonder Woman
Poor and tons of friends
The Fosters
Play Station
Video Game
What is your favorite color?
Purple obvi.


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Winter or summer?
Ok, If you were a superhero what superhero would you be?
She's a supervillain, but Harley Quinn
Would you rather be a billionare but have no friends or be poor and have tons of friends?
Poor and tons of friends
tea or coffee?
Don't drink either, but Tea
What’s your favorite animal?
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey
What's your favorite TV show?
The Office
PlayStation or Nintendo?
Music or movies
Coca-Cola or Sprite?


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