What online games do you usually play?

Hello! I like online multiplayer games. It is really cool when you can play with other people, for example my favorite game is Dota 2. Also sometimes I play video slots, here on xfire.com you can find many free spins and play much more! And what about you?
I really like the strategies, but among the strategies it's difficult to find a more dynamic game, the strategies are usually quite uniform and I lack action. My friend advised me to play the League of Legends and I really liked this game. I have been playing LoL for 7 years, I'm a member of a cool clan and I have a very cool jungler smurf. But I would like to try me in a different role. I want to learn how to play a good support, because it seems to me that this is a more interesting smurf, especially after new updates. I know that here https://smurfstore.co/customize-and-filter/roles/support I can get LoL support in a few minutes, but I'm still afraid to tell my clan that I will not play with them all the time. What do you think is best to do in this situation?