what is popular for a girl now?


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What are the current hairstyles for girls now? I think this is important, because fashion is moving forward so rapidly, it cannot catch up with it. I look forward to your advice.


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I have just read in some blog that a big number of fashion retailers got closed because of lockdown. That sounds either strange or untrue because during the pandemic the volume of online shopping raised dramatically. I wanted to buy harness lingerie on MarieMur.com for my girlfriend and didn't have problems with this. So I think that underwear is the best gift for a woman.


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I just noticed that many girls are now interested in tattoos on the body. Previously, girls did not like to "spoil" their body, but now they love it. You can read here how long tattoos last on different areas of the body in order to think about whether you need it or not. But it seems to me that it is very beautiful.