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Make sure to be respectful, for everyone’s wellbeing. It’ll be much appreciated

If mods ask you about anything that’s related to the rules, you have to answer them. If not, mods are allowed to take action.

And please do not mini mod. We have enough mods.

TC1: Make sure you or the one you’re chatting with is 13-19 years old. 12 is allowed with parental permission. Younger/older than this are to be reported for ban
Furthermore, you shouldn’t joke about being underage or overage either. You could possibly get kicked for this.
When asking for age, it is preferred that your specify the age you want to talk and not ask for “younger” or “older”. Ages between 13-19 is what you can ask for.

TC2: No social media and no video chats allowed. You can talk about and share posts you see on socials but you’re not allowed to promote your own account. DO NOT ask for socials or give them out. This is for your own safety. Examples of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snàpchat, TikTok, Telegram, Hangouts, Whatsapp, kík, discòrd etc. Examples of video chats you may not mention or use on this site: Skypé, whereby
This rule includes sharing/giving out email address as well.

TC3: Do not give out any sensitive personal information about yourself or anyone you know, ex address, phone numbers, information about family members or in real life friends.

TC4: No sexual activities or behavior is to be performed on the site. This includes topics such as being horny, asking for sexting, sexual role play, age-play, talking about fetishes, discussing ràpe, asking for dom/sub or master/slave partners and discussions about incèst. Breaking this rule may lead to an eventual ban.

TC5: English is the only language you can speak in main and other rooms. You can speak other languages in PMs but keep in mind, if your pms get reported you may get kicked. If the one reporting also spoke another language, both will be warned.

TC6: You cannot share accounts with other users. If you want to give away your VIP account to someone, contact the admin before. This only applies to VIP users. If you get caught sharing your account with someone else, both of you will face further actions.

TC7: No threats are to be made. If you partake in doing any kind of threatening you may get banned. False accusations and fake screenshots will also be dealt with

TC8: No spamming/flooding allowed. Follow the directions given by mods

TC9: Usage of derogatory terms will not be tolerated. This includes terms such as f*ggot and n*gger as well as the various slurs for each of them. Keep in mind, swearing is allowed but overuse of such words might get dealt with by a mod

TC10: No bullying will be tolerated. Listen when mods tell you to stop.

TC11: No nudity allowed in pictures posted anywhere on this site. This includes showing pictures of explicit content.

TC12: Sales of pictures or videos will not be tolerated. You’ll be banned if you continue offering this kind of service.

TC13: Cloning is not allowed. If you want to use someone’s pictures, ASK for their permission. No permission = possible ban if continued behavior.
You’re not allowed to catfish either. You can use pictures of celebrities if you make it clear in your bio or mood that it’s not you in the pictures. If not, action will be taken

TC14: No racism or sexism is to be expressed openly. This may offend users and cause drama if you don’t follow the rule. Mods will take actions against you

TC15: Do not talk about suicide or self harm. If you need mental support, please consider seeking professional help elsewhere.

TC16: No external links are to be shared. However these are some allowed examples: music/audio files (Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud) and social media links if they’re not owned by any user of the site (celebs post for example is fine)

No advertising or promotion of any social platform or products is tolerated here.
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