Survey game :)


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1. Favorite color? Light blue.
2. Favorite animal? Cats.
3. Favorite book/book series? Could be any.
4. Favorite tv show? Could be any.
5. Favorite movie? Could be any.
6. Favorite video game? Pixel Gun 3D.
7. Favorite band? None.
8. Favorite fictional character? None.
9. Favorite season? It depends, but it would be all the seasons.
10. Favorite sport? None.
11. DC or Marvel? Not sure.
12. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? I used to have one, but passed away. It was a Shih Tzu.
13. Favorite food? Depends.
14. Favorite drink? Water.
15. Lizards or insects? Lizards.
16. Do you prefer swimming in a pool or in a lake? A lake because it brings back memories.
17. PlayStation or Nintendo? None since I don't have those.
18. Favorite actor/actress? Not sure.
19. Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving/Christmas.
20. Sunrise or sunset? It could be both. Sunrise you get to see the animals being active while also seeing the sunrise. Sunset is peaceful and calm and almost night time(Snuggling time basically.)
1. Favorite color? Pink,white, blue
2. Favorite animal? cats
3. Favorite book/book series? book: Harry Potter
4. Favorite tv show? i don't have any
5. Favorite movie? i'm not sure, but I like Harry Potter, Star Wars and so on
6. Favorite video game? i don't have any
7. Favorite band? i don't have any
8. Favorite fictional character? i don't have any
9. Favorite season? winter and summer
10. Favorite sport? i HATE sports, but i am thin:)
11. DC or Marvel? maybe Marvel
12. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? I had a hamster
13. Favorite food? baked potatoes and meat
14. Favorite drink? water, obviously
15. Lizards or insects? none of them
16. Do you prefer swimming in a pool or in a lake? I prefer swimming in a pool
17. PlayStation or Nintendo? i don't know
18. Favorite actor/actress? Erica Fernandes and Emma Watson
19. Favorite holiday? hm... i'm not sure
20. Sunrise or sunset? sunrise


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1. Favorite color?
2. Favorite animal?
3. Favorite book/book series?
4. Favorite tv show?
5. Favorite movie?
6. Favorite video game?
7. Favorite band?
8. Favorite fictional character?
9. Favorite season?
10. Favorite sport?
11. DC or Marvel?
12. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they?
13. Favorite food?
14. Favorite drink?
15. Lizards or insects?
16. Do you prefer swimming in a pool or in a lake?
17. PlayStation or Nintendo?
18. Favorite actor/actress?
19. Favorite holiday?
20. Sunrise or sunset?

Hello! This is a fun little get-to-know-you game

Rules: obviously, stick to topic, no swearing, no bullying, and have fun!

1. Favorite color? Purple💜
2. Favorite animal? Sloth
3. Favorite book/book series? Harry Potter
4. Favorite tv show? Big Bang Theory
5. Favorite movie? Mission Impossible series
6. Favorite video game? COD
7. Favorite band? BTS
8. Favorite fictional character? Obelix
9. Favorite season? Winter
10. Favorite sport? Cricket
11. DC or Marvel? Marvel
12. Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? I dont like pets
13. Favorite food? Chicken cutlets
14. Favorite drink? Pepsi
15. Lizards or insects? Ewww
16. Do you prefer swimming in a pool or in a lake? Pool
17. PlayStation or Nintendo? Playstation
18. Favorite actor/actress? Sidharth Malhotra
19. Favorite holiday? At grandma's house
20. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset