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so ah lately Ive been spending time in rp house and ah a dude he has lotta accounts in here he just literally spams Trump gifs like crazy. We reported and blocked him but he keeps coming on different accounts again and again. View attachment 1157View attachment 1159
the dude is totally annoying and its like everyday thing now
not only that he is hella weird and rude
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ah Im asking u just do the needful
it just we can report him or block him but he got never ending accounts in here and he attacks the person who stand he against him
so yeah thats it thank you..
He's a ban evader, we try our best to kick him in time when he's online but he's kinda relentless. Blocking all and any accounts of his you can recognize would help I guess till a mod handles it, and then the admins ban, but for now there's not much to do. He's getting banned everytime he comes back, but he does keep coming back so idk ;-;