Please look out for this person.

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And that's not up to you to do this. Show proof before you call someone a pedòphile, that'll always get you kicked :).
Didn't you call fukker peddo without proof why didn't u get kicked then?
I tried making a post bringing this to the attention of the mods, but nothing can be done about this person, so I figured it'd be better to just warn everyone and offer advice. There's a 19 year old man going around the teen chat messaging girls, threatening to infect their computer/phone with a virus unless you send explicit photos. Whatever you do, don't send him anything. If you get this type of message from anyone, block him immediately. So far he's harassed and virtually stalked 3 girls, myself included. He goes by John or James, and his usernames will usually be some variation of that. To those wondering if you could just report him, it's been attempted in the past, but he's constantly making new accounts. Below is a list of some usernames to watch out for:
Once again, if he requests n*des, don't send him anything no matter what he threatens. If you do send anything, he'll use it as blackmail and leak the photos in the chat, like he's done in the past. Instead, block him and flag his account. As I mentioned earlier about him making new accounts, sometimes reporting isn't enough and it's better to take some precautions for your account in general (I'm currently collecting evidence against him so if you're also a victim of his, please reach out to me. Thank you). Here are some things you can do to prevent him reaching out:
1. Don't include your face/body in your profile picture
2. Change your gender to 'Other'; he only goes after girls
That's all! Thank you so much for reading.
all the john names you just mentioned is a evader who keeps coming back. he keeps sending track/hacking threats. just ignore him
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