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I am being constantly kicked for having a profile pic with my shirt off. The reasons specifically says "stop using shirtless pfps. Read the rules before coming back. Rule TC13". I have read the rules many times and no such rule. My chat name is same as in forums, and the Moderator is Lilly. I have specifically spoke with her about it and she power hungry keeps kicking me. Furthermore, she does not kick anyone else out that has a topless profile picture, evident she is 100% harassing me. I expect an admin or higher up Moderator to reply to this thread with immediate action against her. Either removing her as a moderator or totally banning her from site. You will find two screenshots attached.

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there is a rule where you can't be shirtless.

(TC13) Do not post profile pictures (banner images) in ridiculously skimpy clothing (this includes male torsos with no shirt) - this is not a sex / hook up chat, so only clothed profile


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I'm responsible for 2 of the kicks.
And the rules are stated in the system message that appears when you enter the room

And there's no harassment involved. You can ask all shirtless guys I keep kicking daily.

Lilly hasn't done anything wrong in this case, no need to assume and accuse her

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