Kicked then banned for No reason


So me and My friend Terbearr got kicked bc i Was asking the mods about the add And this Person whos name was "Gea" Was sorta being very rude to me so I took action and snapped a bit at her and the mod said I should block her. And i dident want to Considering i already went off on her and Worked it out...I asked my friend terbearr if she hated the mod bc he had told her To stop Telling this guy not to spam the chat. I only said " oml if only you could block mods" And i got kicked and so did she Like ik its just a kick But yall need better mods....The mods name was Kev..

Once again me and my Friend Terbearr were joking about making are own Site. While the same moderator stalked Us. We felt like we couldent really be are self's considering everything we talked about the Mod would put his own opinion on it So we just started talking about making a site just for fun Not like wed really do it and I asked the Mod if it was Agiesnt site rules to ask if People around us were coders so maybe are Joke could become something real. He said I could and I did...Withen like 5 seconds of asking I got banned. All i am asking is that I get unbanned My Friends are on there and Ive been apart of your site sence 2018 and was going to put in to be a Mod as soon as a Spot opened. I understand If you cant But at least talk to the Mod about the Rules bc its clear He does Not know them.