idk what to do. pls help TW: mentions su*cide


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so, one of my close friends introduced me and a lot of my other friends to this guy and his sister. we met them 5 months ago, and they live in NC, and me and all my friends live in FL. instantly this guy and my cousin (who was my bff) became super close, but at the time she was dating another one of my close friends. but she started liking this new guy, while dating (lets call him dean) and dean and this new guy (harry) were already good friends, so as soon as harry found out her and dean were a thing he backed off. but she still continued to talk to harry everyday. then harry starts to like me, and my cousin (amy) shipped us, and was trying to get us to like each other, and finally i did like harry back. we told each other that we liked each other and things were going well. but then amy breaks up with dean, saying she "lost feelings" and then she would always confide in harry. then amy and harry start facetiming a lot, she would text him everyday. she didn't tell me, but i could tell she liked him. then here is where the real shit goes down. amy started making up lies about me to harry to make me look bad. so now he had a negative opinion on me because of the lies she made up. keep in mind she is my "bff". then i can tell he is being distant and me and whatever, i dont think much of it (we are not dating) then he finally hears from me that all of the lies she made up were not true. so he loses feelings for her after he realizes how awful she is. (she is a major manipulator) and he develops feelings for me again. then things with me and harry are going great. i had distanced myself from amy, bc she was only causing problems for me. then i found out amy told harry about my parents divorcing THE DAY I FOUND OUT. she did not even bother to check up on me, and she told him all of my family shit. so yesterday i finally confronted her about all of the lies and gossip, and we were fighting and then she tells me she is going to k*ll herself, so i panic, i live an hour and 15 minutes away from her. so i call her mom, and her mom heads home. amy was still alive and okay. yesterday was so triggering and an awful day for me. and idk what to do with my situation, please help :(