I want to have a cool car

I am a young man and I want to have a cool car. My parents still refuse to buy me, but sometimes I get out of the situation and rent a car. Dad for this, he says that in this way I get experience. And mom is categorically against it. Because she is very worried that something can happen to me.
How old are you? Mom will always worry about you. Maybe for some time you should not make her nervous. You will grow up a little and she will understand that you are already an adult and you do not need to forbid anything.(y)
In my opinion this is a good idea that you learn to train while you do not have your own machine. Just then, when you get it, you will already have a good experience behind you. I can advise you a good company Evolve, and most importantly reliable. Which will allow you to try any brand of car. Both budget and more luxurious. Just what you yourself want to get in the future.
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