How nice of power abuse.


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Kicked for spam when there is a huger problem?

And lmao, where does it say that telling a moderator about something is, "Spam"?

Also, I think he likes to see sexual things I suppose.

And I wonder why moderators are so frustrated and complain when it's their "job" lmao. Simply don't sign up just to tell people, "stfu".

Also, I would like proof of what "I did wrong" and see where in the guidelines.

Edit: They aren't kicked and I came back in the room.

Reporting the person again.

Whatever happened, he is offline. I don't believe he was kicked though.

Last picture, lmao I'm dead. I wasn't even reporting to his pms. I said, "Hello asshole." Lmaoooo, at least he is funny.
the "crying in mods dms" gets me lmao, that's bold coming from any sort of moderator that sits and stares at a bunch of teens talking for multiple hours at a time.