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Our History
Founded in 2013,Flythinking is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the 3D Manufacture. We have strong technology, production, marketing, etc. Adhering to the people-oriented idea,paying attention to team cooperation, promoting scientific and technological innovation, and sticking to the quality-first principle are the solid foundation for the sustainable developmentof the company.
The company's business covers 3D printing materials, 3d printing equipment and 3d printing services.It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise containing 3D printing materials, equipment, and services in the printing industry.Flythinking is a manufacturer meeting the National Safety Standard and has obtained the certificate of Guangdong New High-tech Enterprise. Besides,we established a completed ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. We have cooperated with South China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology, Jinan University and Guangdong University of Technology, and built the Practice Base of Industry, Teaching and Research with College of Materials and Energy of South China Agricultural University to cofound the "Biomass 3D Printing Materials Joint Laboratory". In addition, with a number of intellectual property rights and patents,our company is the Director Unit of South China 3D Printing Association and the member of Guangzhou Additive Manufacturing Association.
Our Factory
·We are a production line factory with Cooling workshop, Drying material workshop and manufacture workshop.Our factory is clean,non-toxic,pollution-free and odourless and it conforms national safety standard.The machines in the factory are equipped with international advanced equipment, which are large production and well-made.The factory’s 3D filaments output can theoretically reach 1000 kg per day,and we ensure high quality and fast completion of customer orders.
·Flythinking,adhering to the principle of customer first,give customer more than they want.We have quality production process and strict production quality control:
·Produce process
·I . Before produce extruding filament ,we will dry the 3D printer filament for a enough time (3-5 hours).
·II. Mix with colors masterbatch or colors powder, all which .certified with ROHS.
·III.Adjust temperature and dragging rate,make filament diameter range at 1.6-1.8mm/2.8-3.0mm, roundness +/-0.05mm, each spool net weight 1kg+/-0.02kg
·IV we put all filament spool in shelf, different kind in different shelf, all categories arranged orderly.
·Production quality control
·I. we have diameter laser detect kits to control extruding rate on line, when diameter smaller or higher than accept range, the laser detect kits will adjust the extruding rate higher or smaller to make diameter range at acceptable.
·II.keep each record filament samples sent to customers, build a tracking able document.
III.when the filament put on shelf longer than half a year, we will dry the filament again.
Our Product
3D打印机灯丝:PLA,MPLA,ABS,ASA,Pa6,PP,PVA,PCL,木材,HIPS,PETG,TPU,RP; 3D打印机:Fs-10,Fs-12,Fs600.Fs400,改良3D笔,标准3D笔; Fs-H190 3D扫描仪; 3D打印服务。
ISO 9001,ISO14001生产资质,FC,CE,SGS ROHS,仪器校准证书,抗菌检测证书,外观设计专利证书,实用新型专利证书,发明专利证书,高新技术企业认证