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    Default Fashion

    Beauty Fashion, for the people of beauty . Where what you are comfortable in that looks good on you. Please yourself in fashion, not others.

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    If you want great fashion statement visit some website that really popular dealing with your taste. That's based on all teens are very fashionista.
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    Where what you are comfortable in that looks good on you?

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    i think is basically your way of living and if you are living simple than you are also fashionable. what you all say?

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    Default T-shirt

    is there anyone else? i think this thread is closed

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    I personally avoid buying merchandise. A lot of times it's more expensive and I'm on a limited budget.

    If I have to choose over the actual (entertainment) product or the merchandise, the actual product is always going to win.

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    so should i leave this thread?

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    I love to wear lots of new things about upcoming fashion. :)

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    That's depending on studygeek... all teenagers are very fashionista.

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