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Thread: mod cyanide

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    Whatever you say sweetheart

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikki-j View Post
    Whatever you say sweetheart
    Sarcasm really suits you, but it is only sarcasm when the person you direct it at doesn't notice it.
    Once again you fail to make any sense at all, but it is what it is.

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    The music and ******* popups are Flash exploits that have been around for a long time. They were patched. The script kids must have found a way to modify the exploits to get around the patch. They will be patched again whenever 123 gets around to it.

    Boot Boy is probably correct about Cyanide's account not being hacked by the exploits. If that was true, the hacker would have hijacked the accounts of the other moderators too, as they came into the room. My guess is that the hacker either knew Cyanide and betrayed her trust or somehow phished the password and then changed it and the email address on the account.

    I'm surprised that the Admin hasn't been by to fix this yet.

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