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    Red face Happy New Year - 2017

    To all the real Teens who chat and use

    I want to wish you all a happy new year, may 2017 bring you good health, happiness, and a easy year ahead.

    Many of you may have struggles and life's worries to deal with, be positive everything will seem silly when you are older.

    Stay strong, stay safe and stay happy.

    And hopefully 2017 will bring the sites owner to the reality this site is not full of teens but overaged pedophiles, stalkers, teen harassers, blackmailers and an overwhelming amount of spammers and trolls. And maybe 2017 will make the sites a better place for teens to chat once again like it use to be.

    Once again Happy new year to all the real teens chatters on

    Boot Boy - the original one, and not senor or justin the fake ones.

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    You too Boot! Hope you have a fantastic 2017!

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