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    Default Hiring a mod in a different time zone?

    I can agree some of the staff is good, some is bad, but we need to have a staff member that can be on when the others are not. There is multiple times I've been on here for 4-8 hours at a time talking to someone and not see a mod get on at all. We need a mod in a different time zone or at least be up later then others to make up for the lack of effort. We need to improve on quality not quantity of staff members. Review this when you get a chance. Find someone who can be on at later nights while all the other mods "don't feel like wasting their time on a useless chat site" as one of them put it. No names to be named.

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    Cyanide Guest


    If any regs in that time zone are interested in applying, by all means they should do so. The last time mods were hired, however, there was nobody in that timezone who was modded. Next time mods are hired, regs in the European timezone should definitely apply.

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    A lot have already applied. We know.

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    Cyanide Guest


    It's all up to the discretion of Admin, then.

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    Geez, More dumb fucked, troll failed clowns trying to become mods.
    You could possibly become a mod if you all stop making new accounts every few weeks and acted half normal in chat.

    That's doubtful though, as you all are mostly fucking sad troll failed assholes, who find joy in life harassing other.
    Lans and music its never gonna happen.

    Case Closed

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    #case open#

    Don't pay attention to this public toilet wan.king pe.d0 called BOOT BOY people..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade View Post
    Don't pay attention to this public toilet wan.king pe.d0 called BOOT BOY people..
    Good of you to post again under one of your old names and old threads, nice of you to show some of your other accounts.
    Holy smoke - look at you rant and rave once again now its under blade - got years you where silent then all of a sudden u go skitso.
    Get a grip and stick to one name - you are the paedophile here. So stop calling others what you are. Plus whats with the period in your words eg wan.king and pe.d0 the words are wanking and pedo.

    YOU trolls and haters will never win or be mods as your just life losers. I win you lose like always.

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    Don't pay attention to this public toilet wan.king, cocaine sniffing pe.d0 called BOOT BOY people..

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