Like any other make-up, a lip liner should be applied correctly to achieve that natural look. Lip liner that is overdrawn can give you an out of this world look, as if you are a character from a fantasy movie. The best lip liner can give you youthful lips that appear to be fuller and more gorgeous, like that of Angelina Jolie. Lips are supposed to be kissable and soft, so there’s no way you should get caught with an overdrawn lip liner.

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The first rule in applying a lip liner is that, it should not be darker than your lipstick. A Liner should constantly be a shade darker than your natural lip color, and lighter than your gloss or stick of choice You can go for a brown lip liner, pink lip liner, purple lip liner and red lip liner just make sure that it has lighter shade than your lipstick. If you want to play safe you can opt to wear colorless lip liner or invisible lip liner.

You must also remember to use soft tipped pens. The rounded tips can offer the prettiest definition compared to newly sharpened liner. You can soften the tips by running the liner over your hand until it is rounder. It’s true that most girls aim for that Angelina pout but do not overdo it or else you will look like a trout. Just trace your natural lip line or you can try to draw just over it. Pauline Youngblood, make-up artist and Youngblood Cosmetics founder said something against “ring around the mouth” she also mentioned several ways on how to avoid such dreadful look. She said “The biggest mistake women commit when applying lip liner is not blending it. To avoid the ‘ring around the mouth’ look, you must blend after application”.

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