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    Exclamation "I want to stay with him/her only because I love him/her"

    If you want to stay with your partner for the sole reason of "because I love him/her" despite all the bad things they've done, whatever it may be, you have to realize that you're not going to be with this person for your whole life. You have 6 decades to live for, do you really think you're going to be with that person for the rest of your life? It's going to falter at some point, you're going to get over the person and you'll move on, don't tell yourself a lie and repeat it just to not realize how bad your partner is. Not realizing that your partner is being terrible will only make you more miserable, because you trying to get over him/her will only take longer. You have to accept facts as they are and if they've been disloyal, lying or deceiving, you have to accept that. Now going back to the "rest of your life" point, if you ARE a teenager and not one of the pedo guests, you'll realize that you still have a lot of people to go through, the first person you'll fall for probably isn't the person you'll be with by the time you're in your mid life crisis and having kids. I get the point that "it might not matter then, but it matters right now", but that just means you're wanting to drag your living hell on for longer and that's just not going to work and you'll grow deeper into a depression and a really bad stage of your life. Loving someone despite all the bad things they did to you personally isn't a good enough excuse to stay with that person, more so if that's the SOLE reason. Just learn from this relationship and use whatever you learned in future relationships, you're still a kid as am I, we still have a lot to go through and you have to realize that. Just a little rant.

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