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    Default Am I really in the friend/family zone with this girl or is she hiding her feelings

    Ok so I'm a 17 year there's this girl that I've known for years. Our families are super close so we see each other often at weddings and other events. I developed a crush on her a couple years ago but I've never said anything. I'm pretty sure she likes me becuase once I brought my now ex to a wedding she was also at and although she didn't say anything it was obvious she was jealous from the looks she gave my girlfriend. Recently my dad's cousin got married and ofcourse we were both there. She looked so beautiful and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. But also I noticed that she also couldn't keep her eyes off me and had that look like she wanted I knew the time had come for me to tell her how I feel. I was nervous to say it person so I texted her. I told her how I've had a crush on her for years and when I saw how beautiful she looked I knew I had to finally say something. She responded with that's really nice and sweet but you're like a cousin or a brother to me and it would be weird. Could it be possible that she was just shocked and is hiding her feelings or was I just wrong. And if I was wrong how can I get her to want me if she doesn't already. Thanks to all who help.

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    This problem sounds like a mental thing. I suggest getting closer and becoming good friends. If you don't mind a bit of reading a psychology book or two would be worth a read. Or if your like me a couple hypnotism classes and an experiment and she's yours(i wouldn't acctually do this just a fantisy of mine��). Best of luck

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