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    Exclamation Server Upgrade

    Hello everyone.

    Today we made some server upgrades so if you cannot connect to the chat rooms, chances are you are seeing an old version of the site. Simply, clear your cache and restart your browser.

    If you don't know how to clear your cache you can follow some instructions provided by other members here or Google it. It really depends on what type of Operating System and browser that you use.

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    Plus here is the direct link to the new server

    That link will bring you to the login where you can change from guest to member - and if opened on a new window in your browser it will avoid the small screen view

    The link I sent on Here will work with google chrome - only the other browsers and possibly on tablet or android.
    Google Chrome has a double layer cache - you would be safer to google or you tube how to clear the cache fully, as we don't know what operating systems or what versions people are using to be able to post a general solution to the google chrome login.
    As the new server is a new IP and port the google chrome will send you to the old server.
    That's why people get blank screens , blue screens or white screens, or connection failed error messages.

    The main screen issue - is with the chat button or login button - some people on chrome use the mobile/tablet link or the gay chat room link for others on chrome - which will work for everyone at the moment - sorry for the delays !

    See you all soon
    Boot Boy
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    Like i have said before. Simply clear your browser cache, refresh the page and you will get the new chat room.

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    Why are their so few users? Did you guys not clear the cache? Please create a thread if you are a regular but still can't get into the room...there has to be an explanation for all this.

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    there has been less that 120 users because many users use chrome and they can only log in through gay chat or possibly mobile chat.
    the people using firefox can only log in through mobile/tablet chat.
    The rest of the people don't know the server IP and port has changed and there is never that many forums members or regulars that even check forums, so they are going to the old server.
    Like I stated the only browser that works directly with the link I posted apart from the gay chat link is internet explorer.
    So clearing cache and everything else including uninstalling and reinstalling programmes like chrome or firefox wont let you get into teen chat direct, only through mobile or the gay chat room...
    I have check all versions of chrome and firefox and like I said they wont let you into teen chat directly.
    For the time being Use Internet Explorer to log into teen chat direct

    Here is the link for chrome or firefox users to get access
    And here is the link for direct to teen for internet explorer users
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    I made some adjustments...can you tell me if the Chrome and Firefox browsers are working now

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