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    Exclamation The Direct connection to chat button missing

    Hi Everyone
    You can no longer long into chat through forums direct like before with the chat now button, as I am sure that's what most people have noticed has disappeared with the new site and its layout.
    You will have to click the teen chat buttons on top or bottom of the page and log as a guest, and log out and back in with your user name and password.
    The issue has been passed on to the tech crew about getting the chat now button placed on here again to avoid confusion.:confused:

    Here is the login page to help you get there faster
    Copy and paste it into your explorer or just click the link below

    Unclick the guest and put in your user name and password and save the page to favourites

    Hope that's of some help to everyone.
    Boot Boy - Teen-Chat.Org Moderator

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    Thank you for the help, Boot Boy. This new layout is confusing me..

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    Hello?? Anyone here

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    thanks so much!!!

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