Teen Chat Mod Application
Interested in becoming a moderator for our teen chat room?
If so, read the following information in regards to becoming a teen chat mod.

Who Can Apply:

You're only eligible to apply for a moderator position if you meet the following criteria:
You have been using the teen chat room for a significant amount of time.
Your conduct have been excellent in the chat room and follow all the rules of the chat room.
You must have a forums account here.
You are active or willing to be an active member on forums (log in everyday, post, etc).
You are willing to log into chat daily to moderate.

How To Apply:

You MUST use the format below or your application will be ignored.

What is your chat room username?:
What is your age?:
What is your gender?:
Where are you from country/state?:
What is your time zone?:
How long do you plan to moderate each day?:
- Tell me a bit about yourself:
- Why do you think you should be chosen as a moderator?
- What is your goal as a moderator?

So, overall -- send the stuff stated above to the Teen Chat Admin, SALLA: http://www.teen-chat.org/forums/member.php?6234-Salla