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    Default New Chat Server

    Some of you may have noticed that you are unable to get inside the chat rooms. This is because we have recently switched servers (hopefully more stable server). You may be still seeing an old version of the chat, therefore, we suggest that you clear your browser cache and refresh your page.

    We can assure you that the chat rooms are up and running now!


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    My understanding is some of you guys are getting the following error when trying to access the chat room.

    If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner:


    It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache.

    If you are the web site owner, it is possible you have reached this page because:
    •The IP address has changed.
    •There has been a server misconfiguration.
    •The site may have been moved to a different server.

    If you are the owner of this website and were not expecting to see this page, please contact your hosting provider.

    Please make sure you clear your cache, refresh your are seeing an old version of the chat room. That is why you cannot log in.

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    Default -_-

    Hey, I know that this change happened ages ago, but no matter what I do (including getting a new computer, and pulling the software apart and putting it back together again), I can't get on the chat.

    I am a chat mod, so it's very frustrating to have missed so much mod time because of this. Can you help?

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    Can you get on now?

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