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    Default I have a met a girl

    I have met someone that is much older than me. Will this make a difference to the relationship?

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    Default Becareful...

    In my opinion, if she doesn't mind the fact that you may be younger than her and vice versa, then it shouldn't get in the way of whatever.

    However, BECAREFUL because internet relationships are normally sh*tty. Just don't do something stupid because opening up to someone and giving up your heart to someone who lives thousands (or whatever #) of miles away from you isn't always worth it. Good luck.


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    Sometimes older females can cause the same headaches as younger ones. Be careful.
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    Default Great

    I'm agree with purple grapes.But if there's real feelings between you,then I guess nothing should be hide.
    Be careful who you chose to break your heart later! :):D
    Listen to your heart,before you saying goodbye!Shine like a star,when there's nothing precious around you!

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    I guess age doesn't matter.

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